Shayda Rohani | Turner Team Inc. - Portland Real Estate

Shayda Rohani

Shayda is passionate about people & design, so it makes sense that the marriage of these two loves led her to Real Estate. Perpetually the friend taken along to “look at the space” before buying, it was an easy transition to make from styling interiors, to selling them, as well as helping you envision some magic in your new abode. With over 5 years of working with clients in sales, interiors, and as a stylist for photoshoots and events- she is the consummate perfectionist, when it comes to providing you the very best care and customer service. As a Portland native, Shayda would love to help highlight the best of the PNW, and show you what potential neighborhoods have to offer. When her sleeves aren’t rolled up at work, Shayda loves spending time with her family in the outdoors, drawing with her 5-year-old daughter, reading design blogs, playing soccer, and cooking up a storm for family and friends.