10 Must-Have Home Organization Tips

Whether you’re spring cleaning or just want to make life easier, here are ten home organization tips to make your life easier. These were originally provided through our monthly newsletter (subscribe here to get great tips monthly). With ideas for every room, getting started is easier than ever before.

For the Entire Home:
Tip #1 – Pile Preparation: Start by setting up 4 boxes instead of 3 piles for organizing. Boxes keep things out of the way and aid in keeping your mind focused on organizing. In addition to the traditional three (keep, donate, trash), add a box for things to go through later. This will reduce the urge to get lost in nostalgia or get stuck not knowing where an item should go.

Tip #2 – Vertical Victory: Whether it’s hanging pans from above an island or installing bins for foil, spices, or lids on the inside of cupboard doors, this trick isn’t new. However, consider other areas where vertical space can be utilized such as the inside of a closet door or back of the bathroom door. There are tons of tasteful storage units and shelves that allow unused vertical space to become vital storage spots.

In the Kitchen:
VO57T4JVJU_2Tip #3 – Tabulated Temperature: When considering the placement of kitchen goods, think about their frequency of use in terms of temperatures. “Hot” items – those used most frequently – need to be in close proximity while the “cold” items – those rarely used – can be placed in cupboards accessable with a step ladder or in the back of cupboards lower to the ground.