Construction on the N Williams Corridor

n williams corridorSince mid-September, the N Williams Corridor has been a haven for this construction activity, as the city improves the safety for this bicycle byway – a project three years in the making. The expected benefits should benefit those who travel through this area soon.

This $1.5 million grant-funded project is intended to create a safer place to travel for everyone. According to the City of Portland’s transportation department website, construction is expected to be completed within the next three months. This project was intended as a safety action for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in the area.

So far, left side bike stripping, shared use pavement markings, speed bumps, and test diverters N Williams Constructionhave all been installed. As the project continues, plans to implement curb extensions will be completed as well as “Pass on the Right” pavement stencils for the bike lane. In the meantime, cyclists traveling through the area can travel on NE Rodney as an alternative and those driving can always use N Interstate or NE MLK Blvd, though the need for an alternative route is minimal.

Construction in the area isn’t new, however most of what residents usually see is due to the boom in housing, retail, and restaurants along the corridor. New buildings and a vibrant, growing neighborhood has not just required this increased safety project, but also has increased home values considerably over the past few years.

Since this general area crosses NE and N Portland, both are worth considering. A look at the Market Action data from 20 years ago (January 1995) shows that N Portland’s average home price was $70,200 and NE Portland was averaging $103,200. The most recently published data (January 2015) shows N Portland averaging $301,900 while NE Portland is at an average of $359,900. If you’re interested in homes in the N Williams Corridor area, check out the available listings here.