Lewis & Clark College Real Estate Resouces

Lewis and Clark College is a great place to work. It’s also a great place to live, if you are a student. However, we don’t recommend that you plan on living under your office desk so we’re going to need to find you a home. This section of our website is dedicated to you, the current and prospective employees of the College. The Where Do My Coworkers Live page shows where the College’s employees live by zip code. If you are planning on renting, Craigslist is the best source as both private parties and management companies list their properties there. The Search Properties tab shows all Portland homes for sale. All of our property search engines have full access to all available homes for sale in Portland and the surrounding communities.

We’ve written the Portland Real Estate Blog since 2006. It’s an additional resource for local real estate news and market stats and an insight of what we are seeing in the market Welcome to Portland and we look forward to working with you.

Charles & Jenny Turner, Class of 1996