39-Lewis & Clark
39-Lewis & Clark provides weekday service between Lewis & Clark College, Burlingame and Hillsdale, along Palatine Hill Road Terwilliger, Spring Garden, Barbur, Bertha and Capitol Highway.

Lewis and Clark is six miles from downtown Portland on Palantine Hill. Portland is renowned for its public transportation and bike friendliness. It’s a great downhill bike ride into the city and definitely uphill on the return. The Pioneer Express shuttle runs between campus and downtown on a regular schedule and has bike racks for those not wanting to ride up to campus (TriMet buses do too).

The College is served by the #39 TriMet bus. The streetcar line is expanding from the downtown core on the west side of the city across the Willamette river and the MAX light rail system crisscrosses the Metro area and runs the airport. The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge will cross the Willamette from just south of downtown and will carry the new MAX Green Line, buses, bikes and pedestrians- no cars allowed.