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Betsy Shand

Betsy Shand

Oregon Broker

With more than 20 years of real estate-related experience, Betsy Shand has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers accomplish their goals! She currently serves customers of Lovejoy Realty and the Turner Team in and around Portland. Betsy is thrilled to work with families and individuals at all stages of their real estate journey. In addition to stellar negotiation skills and considerable marketing talent, Betsy brings advanced knowledge of mortgage banking, real estate strategies, wealth management and new financial services. She is a can-do strategist who always goes that extra mile to get the job done for her clients.

Throughout her career, Betsy has closed over $180 million in sales within the United States and Canada. She has been a Portland area broker for the past ten years. And before that, she spent ten years with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage of Seattle. Betsy also devotes much of her time to work as a community activist. She trained with FEMA, Red Cross and Homeland Security on responsibilities and roles during and following disasters. Betsy even wrote a nationally published book for individuals, families, businesses, neighborhoods and communities on how to survive natural and man-made disasters. For her dedication to safety and preparedness, she was named Neighborhood Leadership Volunteer of the Year and served as grant-writing team leader for several citywide community projects. In her free time, Betsy enjoys cycling.