Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

Oregon Broker


Chris grew up in England and started his career in the Fashion Industry as an Apparel Designer. This career brought him to the United States almost 20 years ago and has taken him across the country living in Ohio, New York, and Wisconsin before settling in the beautiful Pacific Northwest ten years ago when he joined Nike. His fashion career took him all over the world where he has had the privilege to experience many different cultures – including living in Shanghai, China for two years.

Chris’ knowledge and passion for homes started at a young age being the son of two generations of building contractors. Spending every summer working with his dad he picked up skills which have helped him both in home purchasing and ownership. Chris has an appreciation for all forms of design including architecture, especially mid-century and modern. During his career in Design Chris learned how important it is to put the client at the center of every decision and enjoyed seeing his designs make people (including athletes) feel confident and happy. He loves that Real Estate brings his passions together.

Chris spends his free time exploring new neighborhoods with his wife Lucy and cute Westies Oliver and Archie. Chris is an avid golfer and tennis player, although he admits his tennis game is a lot better than his golf!