Kiki Tumale

Kiki Tumale

Oregon Broker


Kiki has been working in the real estate industry for the past 5 years. She’s truly a service oriented person; for her, it’s about helping people find homes and build wealth through real estate. When she’s not house hunting with clients, Kiki spends her time practicing martial arts and hanging out with her two kids.

Zillow Reviews

Kiki brought a host of professional resources, hands-on knowledge and expertise to the table that made the process straightforward, easy to understand and enjoyable.

We all really felt like everyone ‘won’ after the transaction. We got a great deal for our house and it seems like the buyers are just as excited and thankful. We did a social-distance ‘High 5’ when we met the new owners after all the transaction procedures were complete!

We have Kiki and her team to thank for a success story like this. She anticipates your questions, prepares you for each step, helps you stay on schedule and meet deadlines and knows the process inside and out.

Kiki is also a natural at negotiating and has a really keen sense for the current market. I don’t think there is a house listed and/or sold in the last 3 years in the Portland area she doesn’t know about.

Now we are off to a new adventure and Kiki and her team have even offered to help us find a good financial solution for our next home investment.

We can’t wait! Home buying/selling – even navigating leasing or renting for awhile- seems really, really fun, totally not scary and easy now!

Thank you Kiki!!!
— Willow Knight

Can’t say enough great things about Kiki. Amazing ability to genuinely connect to her clients and will claw tooth and nail to help those she works with to find the home they are seeking. Very professional and personable.
— Dante Filippini

Kiki is very nice and helpful. She is smart and professional. If you are looking for an awesome realtor she is the best. When I came to Portland she answered all my questions and inquiries with the knowledge only someone could have if they were really passionate at what they do. I would recommend you look no further in your search for a realtor because Kiki is the one.
— monea4077