Leslie Keller

Leslie Keller

Washington & Oregon Broker

Proficient in English and Spanish


Excellent agent. Prepared. Knowledgeable. A shrewd negotiator. She understands the funding levers and terms that can be used to land the house you want and then stays actively engaged in the process, explaining confusing terms, tracking deadlines, and making sure that you have all the information you need.
That’s Leslie’s favorite client review of the past, and indicative of why she loves this industry.
Being born in NW Mexico, and spending her early years there, taught her the meaning of hard work. A few years in California, on to setting roots in Oregon for the past decade, while finishing two years of college, then shifting focus to working at the local library, was the culmination of the lifelong lessons she’s garnered.
I appreciate my origin story, but I found myself longing for a career that lit my brain on fire and would synthesize all the skills I’ve nurtured. What could I do with knowledge from AP Bio? From working the fields? Years couriering in the gig economy? From pet-sitting? Owning a successful, small cleaning business? Being bilingual?
Thus came the pursuit of real estate. Into her fourth year, Leslie has closed a respectable $13 million+ in sales, mostly working part-time.
When Daniel Brooks at Lovejoy Real Estate came scouting, it took a single meeting for Leslie to know this was the team where she would evolve and harmonize her skill set.
Aside from work, she is always with her fantastic husband and two brilliant stepdaughters. An avid reader, writer, and tea drinker, she can be found haunting bookstores and restaurants. She also has a heart for nature and community involvement and enjoys gardening and volunteering.