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Team+ San Diego

Charles and Jenny joined Tom Ferry coaching in 2011.  Charles attended a “free” event and signed up for Core coaching without telling Jenny first, a clear violation of the $500 rule ($6000 contract).  The needle really started to move when we moved up to Elite and then joined Team+ when it was announced and are now in the Legacy group.

We have offices in Portland, Salem (Oregon’s state capital) and Vancouver, Washington.  If we don’t serve the area of Oregon you need, we know someone who does.

Virtual Assistants:

Virtual Assistant Task List– You can either hire your VAs direct or through a service.  Most services take a large cut from what you pay to them and what the VA actually earns.  Hiring direct through Upwork or other sites mitigates that but shifts hiring and HR to you.  Either way, plan on training to your way of business.  Summit VA Solutions has been successful with our referrals in the past.  Others to look at:


On Boarding

Lovejoy Recruiting Pamphlet 2022

Lovejoy Onboarding Guide

Agent Onboarding Workbook

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